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No correspondence will be entered into, but we will ask you for further details should we need it.

Our shows run Tuesdays to Saturdays, every night from 8pm and on a Sunday the show starts at 14:00.

Once you are chosen for a show, you will be expected to commit to the entire show run.

Your Barnyard gig will be priority number 1!

You will have to able to travel frequently.

All Barnyard Productions travel the whole Barnyard Theatre circuit (Gauteng, Durban, Cape Town)
and sometimes elsewhere in the country or even overseas.

You need to have a valid driver's license and a car. There is a LOT of travelling involved.

You need to be a SA Citizen or have valid Permanent Residency in South Africa.

We only employ persons 18 years or older.
Students also do not qualify, as studying and exams will clash with your gig at some stage,
especially with the amount of travelling involved in being a Barnyard performer.