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With a heavy heart, we turn off the lights at Rivonia Barnyard:

The repercussions of Covid-19 on our industry and our business has been devastating and beyond our control.

Unfortunately, due to this tough economic pressure, we have had to close the doors to our beautiful
Rivonia Barnyard Theatre to make way for retail space. We were forced to make this decision in
order to sustain our 5 remaining Barnyard venues and keep entertainment alive in South Africa.
We would like to thank all our fans for the unforgettable memories we experienced together at
Rivonia Barnyard and our dedicated and loyal staff for 8 years of exceptional service and entertainment.

The Barnyard Theatre is the biggest employer of local artists in our country and we are focused on
sustaining the industry and keeping the doors of entertainment open at our 5 remaining Barnyard Theatres -
Silverstar Barnyard, Emperors Palace Barnyard, Menlyn Barnyard, Suncoast Barnyard and Tyger Valley Barnyard

We would love to host you in the future at our remaining theatres and would really appreciate your support.

For any further enquiries, please e-mail