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Merely a few years after his explosive entrance onto the Afrikaans music scene, this East-Coast hitmaker has established somewhat of a reputation for delivering the unexpected. A meteoric rise from a viral online video performance to a multi-platinum songwriter and music video master with a prolific pop presence.

Following on the acclaimed success of his previous three hit-albums and their accompanying tours, he triumphantly returns two years later - with his most ambitious project to date.

Estetika seemingly aims for the Moon with a tracklist packed full of nostalgic energy and Elandré’s trusty hook-laden lyrics being more present than ever. It is a romantic ride down the road of Afrikaans-Garage-Rock & Roll.

“I greatly cherish our 2000’s family vacations in Jeffrey’s Bay, to the sounds of Glaskas, Ef-El and Die Melktertkommissie. Sun, sand and Afrikaans music.

The works of misunderstood youngsters on guitars, with nothing but pen and paper to make sense of the world around them. This is where the musical chemistry inside me began to stir. I have fond memories of my brother on the train to ‘Die Baai’ to go surfing, or him ending up on the front of our local newspaper for stage-diving at the local round of the Rockspaaider Band competition.

Music streamed out of garages throughout the town in preparation for Rockspaaider. Being mostly phoneless and unentertained, everyone wanted to be in a band. Our local high school’s band - “Bloukaas” - were my first look at real life rock stars.

MK was a TV-channel where I could watch all kinds of Afrikaans music 24/7. I passed days in front of the screen dreaming up my own journey, with an endless stream of inspiring examples flashing in front of me.

Estetika is a tribute to those who didn’t feel the need to appeal to the Mainstream, the musicians that made high school seem like a melodramatic fairytale. They effortlessly captured the joy, fear and exuberance of youth. It was a lesson in romanticising the mundane.

My older brother started high school in 2003; I matriculated in 2013. Within those ten years Afrikaans music flourished and evolved, and so did we.

Ten years later the work they created has quietly become what we live and love to. What once was strange and wild, now praised and appreciated. That is the tale of many artists. It is a constant reminder to persevere and pursue irrespective of potential misunderstanding, all for the love of the song.

This is the inspiration behind this record, and the best way I could think of to say ‘Thank you’.”