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A Music and Dance Spectacular featuring mesmerizing aerial performer Samantha Kotze
Beyond the Beat brings renewed energy to the stage with this sensational show, which is a modern take on various dance styles, set to an incredible set list of music featuring artists like Jennifer Lopez, MiCasa, Mango Groove, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, and more. Experience a rollercoaster of emotions through fire-fuelled tangos, sizzling salsas, and the glamour of ballroom showcased by 7 exceptional dancers, 2 glamorous singers, drums, saxophone, and the spectacular aerial artist Samantha Kotze (of Madame Zingara & Cirque Rock fame). Samantha will perform aerial silk, fire lyra, Spanish web and will mesmerize the audience with her outstanding performances.

Another highlight of the show will be guest performances by “Dancing With the Stars” power couple Marcella Solimeo and Dylon Daniels, who are co-producers of the show, and have just returned from an overseas tour with “Burn the Floor.”

This show features an assortment of hits such as Havana, I’m Feeling You, Higher Love, Oliver Twist, Special Star, African Dream, On the Floor, Hit the Road Jack, Collide, Beat It, This Kiss Forever, and many more.

Beyond the Beat is a visual spectacular that will leave you inspired and screaming for more!
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