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South African Tour 2022
Canada’s award-winning hit act NEON DREAMS have confirmed a 10-day tour of South Africa alongside U.K. TikTok star Casey Lowry.

The tour will coincide with the release of a brand-new Neon Dreams single, Little Dance, the first song off the upcoming album.

NEON DREAMS members Frank Kadillac and Adrian Morris have been living in South Africa since their hit song Life Without Fantasies went viral here. They followed up the success of Life Without Fantasies by releasing Say It Out Loud featuring SA’s Mthandazo Gatya in 2021. Kadillac and Morris have embraced life in SA, sharing the excitement of life under the African sun on their social media channels.

It was during a uniquely South African experience that Frank Kadillac found the inspiration for the new song, Little Dance. The song came to him during a thrilling shark-cage diving experience off the Cape coast.

“The love we have received since moving to South Africa is unlike anything we have ever felt. Nothing is better though than the support from our fans here, as well as our peers in the local music industry. We have truly been embraced and made to feel like honorary residents of this amazing country. I love it here!” says lead vocalist Frank Kadillac.

Casey Lowry will travel to South Africa to join Neon Dreams for the 10-date tour. 23 year old Lowry was born and raised in Chesterfield, England before moving to London to pursue a career in music. He’s fast becoming one of the most talked-about and promising indie names in guitar pop, with a huge TikTok following to boot. His new song 'We Had Everything...' will be released early this year. Since he released Trampoline in 2017, Lowry has released multiple singles and a few iconic covers of famous hit-songs by other artists.