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Stories agter die tunes
Join Francois van Coke for an intimate show featuring acoustic renditions of his most popular hits and the stories these songs were born from.

Francois will be backed by Die Gevaar guitarist Richard Onraet. Francois will perform songs spanning his 19 years as front man of Fokofpolisiekar, Van Coke Kartel and as an award-winning solo artist.

In between, Francois will regale his audience with the background stories of timeless classics such as Toe Vind Ek Jou, Komma, Ek Skyn (Heilig) and Tot Die Son Uitkom.

“During the past nineteen years, there has been countless tour buses and planes; long hours on the road to somewhere, late night parties on top of more late night parties, very early mornings, endless sleepless nights, very many known and unknown faces, old and new friendships, a lot of love, and tons of music that was written in many different places. The memories of the people who were there for the stories behind the tunes may differ from mine. But who will ever know whose version is correct? The details get blurry very quickly… but this is what I remember,” says Francois van Coke.