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David Fourie definitely needs no introduction. He has been making waves in the industry ever since he stepped onto the SA IDOLS stage in 2002 and has had a very successful music career with numerous radio hits, including Ek Wil Jou Ken, Kaboemielies, Hou My Vas Stywer Vas, Grotmabn, My Hart Het Klaar Besluit, Jy Soen Soos ’n Engel, Vandag Maak Ek Jou My Vrou, and more.

The SAMA award-winning artist enjoyed several career highlights to date, including opening for Westlife on their South African tour and he was invited as a special guest to the Eurovision Song Contest in 2011, he has appeared on international television on several occasions, performing the South African, Australian, and Scottish Anthems at rugby tests between 2007 and 2019.

David returns to South African stages in 2023 with electrifying live performances and a new internationally released single - “On the Radio”. He has always been a creative soul and his latest single, ON THE RADIO, once again proves that he is not afraid to put his unique stamp on the projects he is working on. This remake of the popular Donna Summer hit, produced by Marius Brouwer and Dirk van Niekerk, uniquely combines elements of soul, disco and pop and will surely appeal to his fans.