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Neon Dreams, Coleman Hell & Saxby Twins

Canadian duo and honorary South African’s, Neon Dreams have announced “The Sunshine Tour” with 18 dates across South Africa and Nambia. The tour will feature fellow Canadian and platinum-selling artist Coleman Hell alongside fresh new Johannesburg upstarts, the Saxby Twins.

Neon Dreams are no strangers to the South African music scene and have continued to cement themselves in the industry here. They have toured the country a number of times over the past few years and have found themselves landing on the lineups for some of the biggest music festivals including a sold-out headline show at the Kirstenbosch Summer Sunset Concerts back in December.

What started out as taking a leap of faith to come to South Africa has turned into a decision that changed their lives. “I loved growing up in Canada. Through the good and the bad, It taught me a lot about myself and it made me who I am, but sometimes you have to leave your environment to discover who you truly are and grow spiritually.” Frank explained. “The decision to come to South Africa was one that changed my life.”

Their desire to share South Africa’s beauty with other musical artists planted the seed for the sunshine tour and the band reached out to Coleman Hell. Coleman rose to prominence with his genre-defying monster of a hit, “2 Heads." The track was a favourite with both critics and fans and quickly reached the Top 10 at multiple radio formats, going 4 x platinum in Canada, GOLD in the US, and now exceeding 150 million streams on Spotify.

The announcement comes on the heels of Neon Dreams' new album “Love Child Baby Dolphin”. The album is a collection of songs written and recorded in SA and features their chart-topping singles, “Little Dance” and “It’s All Good” alongside a fresh batch of new singles dipped in that Neon Dreams flavour we have come to know and love.

As far as unique titles go, this one is right up there. When asked where this title came from, Front-man, Frank Kadillac explained: “If I explain the name it might take away the beauty of how I found it but I’ll say this if you smile when you read this title (then) this album was made for you. Love Child Baby Dolphin is a frequency channel of sunshine music you can always tune into.” An album that radiates love and sunshine, like the band itself, is bound to be filled with hit after hit for you to add to your playlist. When asked what other singles are you most excited for people to hear, Frank shared - “There was a day when I was meditating on a rock and realized something that I couldn’t get over. When we sit on a rock it’s a clean surface, but if the rock was flipped upside down, no one would want to sit on it. It’s full of bugs and mud but it’s still a part of the rock. I realized we are just like that rock, and that side of us covered in pain is what’s holding us up and exists in everyone we know. That realization turned into the song “The Other Side of You”.