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Tribute to Legends
50 Carat Gold features a 10-piece cast performing iconic songs that have become the soundtrack to generations in a celebration of five decades of music.

The show begins with Elvis Presley performing Blue Suede Shoes and Tina Turner performing River Deep Mountain High before moving on to the 90s best-selling ballads - I Will Always Love You and Everything I Do (I Do It for You) by Whitney Houston and Bryan Adams. One of the highlights of the show is the duet challenge, with songs I'd Do Anything for Love by Meatloaf and Lorraine Crosby and Endless Love by Lionel Ritchie and Dianna Ross. Keep in mind that our own South African Gold pays tribute to Mango Groove and Freshlyground with songs like Home Talk, Dance Sum More, and Waka Waka (This Time for Africa).

With songs like Rolling in the Deep by Adele, Dark Horse by Katy Perry, Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars, and Only Girl (In the World) by Rihanna, 50 Carat Gold also pays tribute to artists from the twenty-first century. The show also includes some unexpected throwbacks from the eighties, including Wannabe by The Spice Girls, Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice, and U Can't Touch This by M.C. Hammer.

50 Carat Gold features music for all tastes and genres - so get ready for a solid gold performance that will ROCK YOUR WORLD!
A Taste of a few songs you can look forward to:

Blue Suede Shoes - Elvis Presley
I Want It That Way - Backstreet Boys
River Deep Mountain High - Tina Turner
Time After Time - Cyndi Lauper
Hold the Line - Toto
I Will Always Love You - Whitney Houston
Living La Vida Loco - Ricky Martin
Stayin Alive - Bee Gees
Up Town Funk - Bruno Mars
Fireball - Pitbull
Rolling in the Deep - Adele
I'd Do Anything for Love - Meatloaf
Endless Love - Lionel Ritchie & Dianna Ross
U Can't Touch This - MC Hammer
Dark Horse - Katy Perry
Wannabe - Spice Girls
Don't Stop Believing - Journey
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