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A tribute to Rodriguez
“Touring with the Legend” is the ultimate Rodriguez tribute show. Get to know the man behind the Legend, as the show celebrates the music of Rodriguez, with personal stories from the road during his tours in South Africa and the USA.

Featuring a Live Band with song list including: I wonder, Sugarman, Crucify your mind, Streetboy, Only good for conversation, You’d like to admit it, Climb up on my music, Halfway up the stairs, Forget it, Jane S Piddy, Like Janis, Hate Street, Establishment Blues, Inner City Blues, Cant get away, To whom this may concern, Rick folks etc

The show is presented by Graham Gillot, who personally toured several times with Rodriguez, from 2004 in SA, to his very last US tour in Feb 2020, just before the Covid pandemic hit, cancelling the rest of his US tours. Sadly, due to this, Rodriguez never toured again. (During those last shows, Rodriguez actually predicted the severity of Covid, even before the lockdowns.)

Graham was privileged to be part of the Rodriguez story and to perform with the Legend in South Africa and the USA over the years as guitarist and music director. Rodriguez used to say, “We are ‘making Rock n Roll History!’”

From big arena concerts, to small intimate theatre venues, beyond the hype of the shows, Graham shared many special moments and precious memories with Rodriguez. Some of the best times were spent, simply jamming along to some of Rodriguez’s new songs that were never recorded or performed live.

Learn about the meaning behind some of Rodriguez’ most famous lyrics, get behind the scenes of the movie, and discover what ultimately happened to the money and royalties. In addition, hear the story behind the unrecorded songs and the third album that never happened.

The show includes visuals and production with interviews, stories from the road, and unseen footage of the last tour.

Celebrate the life and the music of a Legend, who influenced and changed so many people’s lives, in ways he never knew. We honour and pay tribute to Rodriguez the Legend - star of the movie ‘Searching for Sugarman’.

The Cold Facts: > On stage with the Legend > Backstage with Rodriguez > Detroit and his musical, political lyrics > Behind the scenes of the movie and the aftermath > What happened to the royalties and the money? > The unrecorded songs and the 3rd album that never happened

About Graham Gillot: Graham grew up in the Garden Route, South Africa, which is where he first played with Rodriguez in 2004. In Cape Town he played in various bands including DNA Strings, Jesse Jordan Band and many others. Graham later moved to the USA with his unique aerial “Flying Guitarist Act,” which was featured on ‘Americas Got Talent’ and ‘Britains Got Talent.’ He toured with the top US 10-piece corporate event band Powerhouse, led by the guitarist from Roy Orbison, as well as many other artists and bands in the US. >Simon Cowell: “Fantastic act” >Howard Stern: “Great guitar player” >George W Bush (ex-president): “Excellent guitarist” >Bob Taylor (Taylor guitars): “Versatile guitarist playing many styles” >Rodriguez: “Graham is a combination of Eric Clapton, Eddie van Halen and Hendrix. I love the way he plays, especially when he lets go and opens up.”
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