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Invitation to the WFF Africa League of Champions - continental championship 2023
Invitation to the WFF Africa League of Champions - continental championship 2023
Join us for an incredible showcase of strength and dedication at the WFF African League of Champions bodybuilding show! On December 16, 2023, we're bringing the fitness community together in the stunning Western Cape, South Africa for a competition like no other. Athletes from across the African continent are invited to participate in this prestigious event, where excellence and determination takes center stage. The African League of Champions is not just a competition, it's an opportunity for athletes to showcase their hard work, dedication, and passion for bodybuilding and fitness. This year's event holds special significance as it serves as a Pro qualifier for the esteemed World Fitness Federation. This means that competitors have the chance to secure their professional bodybuilding license, opening doors to the international stage and a world of possibilities. Our expert panel of judges will evaluate physique, symmetry, and stage presence, ensuring a fair and exciting competition. Beyond the competition itself, you'll have the chance to connect with athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and industry professionals, fostering valuable relationships within the fitness community. Don't miss out on this chance to experience the world of bodybuilding and witness the elite take to the stage. Join us on December 16th, 2023, in the Western Cape, and let's celebrate the spirit of athleticism together. For registration and inquiries, contact us directly by sending an email to

Division (Line-ups):
Mens Divisions
1. Novice Bodybuilding
2. Juniors 23 & under
3. Masters Over 50
4. Sports Model (Hot Pants)
5. Bermuda Model (Boardshorts)
6. Denim / Jeans Model
7. Fitness Bodybuilding
8. Performance Bodybuilding
9. Athletic Bodybuilding
10. Super Bodybuilding
11. Extreme Bodybuilding
Female Divisions
12. Bikini 23 & Under
13. Bikini open line up
14. Sports Model (Sports Wear)
15. Ladies Figure 50 and Over
16. Athletic Figure
17. Super Body Figure
18. Extreme Body
19. Ms Glamour
New Divisions
20. Physically Challenged
21. Aesthetic Bodybuilding
22. Transformation
23. Warrior - Men
24. Wellness – Ladies