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A peak behind the curtain of what really goes on in the streets
This spectacular Show, taking place on 22nd April is a peak behind the curtain of what really goes on in the streets" The Street life National tour saw a successful event in December 2023 in Durban and if the stars align, will head to jhb next. This is more than just a performance. It’s an outreach seeking to shed light on the plight of women who are trapped within the sex industry and human trafficking rings which rob them of their true destinies! The expose hope foundation, together with Faizel Vahed, Jessie Shane and Keegan Williams are seeking to make a real difference.

eXpose HOPE is a non-profit organisation fuelled by women full of love, faith, stamina, and dedication who care deeply for our women of Durban. Their vision is to help bring restoration, dignity, hope, love and freedom to those working in the sex industry.

They visit +400 ladies in the Greater Durban area who are working on the streets and in various brothels on a weekly basis. Providing them with good quality, second-hand clothing, and shoes, and depend on public donations for items such as toiletries, sanitary items, cosmetics and condoms. They assist with rental needs and job creation for those who we have successfully managed to get off the streets.

A percentage of the profits of this show will go to the foundation to further help our ladies. . . As well as 100% of all merchandise and raffle sales, which will be handled directly by their volunteers on the night.
We stand in solidarity, we will not turn away...
The world must know about STREET LIFE