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There can be little doubt as to the huge impact Cliff Richard and The Shadows had, and the enormous contribution they made to the world of Rock and Pop during the late 1950’s and throughout the 1960’s. They were undoubtedly the British equivalent of what became popular in the United States following the huge strides made by people like Buddy Holley and Elvis Presley. It could possibly be summed up in the words of Hank Marvin when he spoke out before the Cliff and The Shadows Final Reunion Concert at London’s O2 Arena in 2009, when he said “… Move It was the first ‘real’ British Rock and Roll song … and we still love playing it …!” ‘Move It’ was recorded and released in 1959.

This concert is, to a large extent, based on the Cliff and The Shadows Final Reunion Concert of 2009 in London, which covered most of the biggest hits and most famous music by these great artists, both vocal and instrumental. To us, who lived through the years of the great masters of rock and pop during the 60’s, it is an absolute privilege and honor to bring that back to life today with this live performance, and in doing so, celebrate the greatness of these fine musicians, song writers and performers. Cliff Richard and The Shadows, certainly the best of the best! May their contribution be remembered! Always!

“The Shadows Experience” band was formed some two years ago. Known for their versatility, all members of the band are fully professional in their own right and each have performed in numerous bands and venues around Gauteng, mainly Johannesburg and Pretoria. The band recently performed a tribute show to “Cliff Richard & The Shadows” at the Pierneef Theatre in Pretoria to a sellout audience.

The musicians for this concert tour are: Rodney Mac Leod: Lead guitar and vocals Having acquired my first guitar in the 60’s, I have pursued a career in music. Apart from being a property developer by profession, my music has taken me on a roller coaster ride having performed at numerous venues country wide and had the privilege of backing the likes of “Crocodile Harris” of “Give me the good news” fame as well as Zyne Adams of the Pacific Express band of “Give a little love” fame just to name a few of the big names in the music industry. To date I have cut 4 CD’s. I am now heavily involved in tribute shows in particular “Cliff Richard & The Shadows” tribute shows and now taking the show to greater heights with a tour to Cape Town

Lars Franzsen (Acoustic- and rhythm guitar and vocals) From playing the violin from third grade to school rock band during the 60’s, to worship leader in Wellknown Ministries worship team from 1999 - 2012. Lead worship with the Wellknown Worship Team at International Worship Conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2006 and produced and released Wellknown Praise and Worship CD in 2008. Co- founder of the 60’s and 70’s family band, Legacy. Produced the very successful ‘Under African Skies’ Paul Simon Tribute Concert, with Legacy band, comprising of 14 musicians, at Afriforum Theatre in Pretoria in 2023. Apart from music, also professional architect, helicopter pilot, cartoonist and published author of short stories.

Guido Mol (Bass guitar) Started playing guitar IN 1964, Spanish guitar we called it in those days, at the age of 8. A cheap one given to me by someone, who wanted to get rid of it. The Shadows was the band that inspired me to play. Studied music for 3 years. Play 6 string electric and acoustic guitar and 4-and 5-string Bass Guitar, score reader in bass and treble keys. Played in various Big-Bands, Rock & Roll, Blues, Dance and cabaret Bands between 1972 and 1982 I arrived in South Africa in 1982 and didn't play any instrument until 2013 when I started playing bass again. Started my own business in 2006 selling Analytical Laboratory Equipment I'm currently the President of the Shadows Club Northern Chapter, a club dedicated to playing only “The Shadows” and “Cliff Richard” songs at various venues in Gauteng.

Dylan de Wet (Drums) Started playing drums in 2020. Attended COPA for music performance. Gigged with many bands of various styles, both drums and bass guitar. Running a recording studio and rehearsal space. Teaches drums and guitar at St. Dominics Music Academy. Wrote the drums for Look Before You Leap by Think of Yesterday. Wrote and recorded drums for the Graze Us EP.

Peter Booysen (Keyboards and vocals) Originally from Springs, a city that produced many talented and famous musicians and singers back in the 60's and 70's, is a singer, song writer, recording artist and performer. Also a worship leader who has had the privilege of recording and sharing the stage with many international and local gospel artists. In 1976 he spent a year traveling the country with the Air Force Choir and Entertainment group known as "The Canaries". He is a mu