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One of South Africa's leading acoustic rock groups
Watershed, one of the most successful and well-loved bands ever to come out of South Africa are currently celebrating their 22nd year in the music industry in 2022.

This multi-platinum selling band have released 6 studio albums so far, along with a greatest hits album during their 20 year career, as well as receiving 2 SAMA awards for best pop album and a SAMA nomination for best adult contemporary album in 2019. They are also multiple winners of SA's best band award by People Magazine.

‘It is great to be back,’ say Watershed as they release their seventh studio album ‘Elephant in the Room’ which sees the iconic band take on a more authentic, live sound. Watershed was hoping for a 2020 release to the follow up to their 2018 album Harbour, celebrating 20 years of being one of South Africa’s most beloved bands, but like the rest of the world, they were caught unexpectedly by a global pandemic. But, one positive that came out of it, was that the lockdown did give Craig and the guys the space (and the material) to work on compelling lyrics and melodies, and as soon as domestic travel was given the all-clear, Craig was off to Gauteng to workshop and record the album. The result? A thought-provoking album with songs that reflect the current times we live in, the daily frustrations and simple pleasure we’ve found in our “new normal”. “We talk a lot about the elephant in the room and the fact the people aren't addressing certain major issues that are currently amongst us,” he says. “There are too many opinions, but no one is coming up with substantial solutions.”

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