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Johnny’s Back!”
Try to imagine what a cross between Bob Dylan, Jim Morrison and Rodriguez would sound like, throw in Mark Knopfler and The Stones and you are close the sound of SA’s hit band from the 80’s “Falling Mirror”. Remember the hit songs “Johnny Calls the Chemist” and “Neutron Bop” that made number one spots and received recognition in America? Well, “Johnny’s Back!” albeit for one night only in The Barnyard Theatre, Willowbridge on Sunday the 28th of September to rev up the Rock! Founding band members and cousins, Allan Faull (lead guitar) and vocalist Nielen Mirror (the band name is a play on their surnames) together with drummer Patrick Humphries were known as a non-performing, inordinately introspective group whose debut album “Zen Boulders” equalled the world’s best upon release and gained a cult following in SA. Zen Boulders international release was hijacked by the cultural boycott, and madness and mayhem ensued. Five studio albums were produced of their work, but the band went into exile in 1986, and were all but forgotten. Then in late 2012 the Band reformed as part of a major international documentary project that aimed to capture the band’s unique rock story. But on September the 24th 2013, Allan Faull died in the recording studio while creating a new album of the bands unpublished work. Falling Mirror once again found itself a victim of bad timing. The 28th of September will be an evening to remember, share the story, play the music, and pay homage to one of South Africa’s most unique creative projects. Unusual, hypnotic and totally addictive, Falling Mirror remains unique in rock, anywhere in the world and has remained in the nation’s psyche ever since “Johnny Calls the Chemist” was released. For an unforgettable evening of Rock that will include all their hits and some new numbers, book early to avoid disappointment as tickets are limited.