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A Tribute to The Rolling Stones & Tina Turner
Featuring Duck Chowles & Janine Cornelius & The Retro Rewind Band in a special tribute to The Rolling Stones and Tina Turner

ROLLING Stones and Tina Turner fans are in for a treat as Duck Chowles and Janine Cupido front The Retro Rewind Band in the guise of flamboyant rocker, Mick Jagger and Tina Turner as they bring their popular tribute to The Barnyard Theatre Tygervalley

Barnyard Theatre entrepreneur and show producer, Duck Chowles, will perform gems such as Gimme Shelter, You Can’t Always Get What You Want, Angie, Ruby Tuesday and Miss You, and Jumping Jack Flash to name a few, whilst Janine Cornelius will feature in classic Tina style with Proud Mary, Simply the Best, Private Dancer and many more.

Along with Andy Murray on electric and acoustic guitars and vocals, the Retro Rewind Band also includes the awesome Alan Llyod on drums, Karl Hering on bass, Morgan King on keyboards and saxophone and Tony Drake on keyboards.

"I listen to the Stones every day of my life," says long-time aficionado Chowles. “This show is a labour of love for us all – an opportunity for old muso friends to get together to play the real rock ‘n’ roll music which still inspires us today.