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Tribute to Music of Mumford & Sons - Philip Phillips - Avicci - One Direction - James Blunt
The ultimate feel good banjo, fiddle and double bass led, blue-grass influenced rock show not only features the music of folk, country and bluegrass inspired Mumford and Sons (who single-handedly created a new trend in music by combining elements of the old and new), but also places the spotlight on current chart topping hits from artists who have been inspired by this uplifting new music craze. Centrestage has enlisted fast fingering banjo player extraordinaire Colin Lyall to recreate the banjo sound whose resurgence has become so popular of late, whilst Kevin Mattheus will be responsible for the up-front kick drum sound which accompanies Andrew Warneke on double bass to complete the fifties styled combo lineup. “Whilst I have always been a folky at heart, I have been playing the banjo for the last 20 years and this is just the kind of gig I have been waiting to play! I even had my front teeth removed in preparation for the show and I can’t wait to get my bluegrass groove on”, jokes Lyall. The Mumford Revolution also takes a look at the roots of this new sound by including a homage to the American country bluegrass origins made famous by the likes of the Charlie Daniels Band. Fiddle player Nicholas Fidler, himself another uber-talented musician and music teacher, rocks the fiddle on songs such as The Devil Went Down to Georgia, whilst Dueling Banjos also makes its obligatory appearance in the diverse line-up of material covered. “The reaction to this show was out of the park”, says show creator Gary Hemmings. “Our initial four day run which we staged earlier this year in May was sold out within days of announcing it, a week before we even opened”, said Hemmings. “The vibe at the show really was extraordinary, with audiences young and old going crazy and getting into the music like never before!” Longtime Mumford fan Aston Wylie is particularly excited, as the Mumford sound played an influential role in the development of his own vocal, keyboards and guitar style. “I really love the feel-good, upbeat vibe this genre of music gives off. It’s got a happy-go-lucky feel to it and gets people moving. You definitely won’t be sitting still in your seat at this show,” Wylie says. Long-time bluegrass fan and ace guitarist Hugo Kleinhans, himself also a banjo player, follows up his acclaimed performance in the recent Centrestage Johnny Cash tribute with an enthusiastic turn in the Mumford show. “Country and bluegrass music are two of my favourite genres and I have had a ball playing these fantastic songs live with such an amazing group of musicians” Kleinhans said. PE’s stand-out vocalist Wayne Kallis fronts the show and acts as musical director once again. “This show has a very different energy to performances we have done before. I like that we are playing a selection of great new songs which are currently on the charts. It is interesting to see how positively the older folks are reacting to the vibe of the newer material we are playing – and how the youngsters recognize where the new style comes from and how much they love the older repertoire at the same time.” The Mumford Revolution promises to take you on musical journey through its evolution from the American Country Bluegrass & Irish Celtic influences to the Mumford & Sons hipster phenomenon we know and enjoy today. Aside from the Mumford hits, artists such as The Lumineers, Phillip Phillips & Matthew Mole all get a showing and are bound to get you off your seat. Songs such as James Blunt’s Bonfire Heart, One Direction’s Story of my Life, Daughtry’s Long live rock and roll, One Republic’s Counting Stars, American Author’s Best Day of My Life and Avicci’s Hey Brother and Wake Me Up all make it into the show by virtue of their driving kick-drum sound. The Revolution also takes in the likes of the Charlie Daniels band as well as the Dubliners and a selection of Irish sing-along songs. A selection of popular Mumford and Sons songs such as Babel, I Will Wait, Little Lion Man and The Cave are also featured. The Mumford Revolution is a show to be enjoyed by young and old, hipsters and hillbillies alike!!