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80’s Alternative Re-Union Special 2
Goth and indie-rockers will be heading to the 80’s Alternative Re-Union Special 2 event at the Barnyard Theatre Rivonia on Saturday 3rd October 2015. Public demand has decreed that it’s time to revisit the incredible celebration fans experienced at the inaugural 80’s Alternative “Le Club” Re-Union Special in May, when (at the same venue) the sensational 80’s alternative tribute act, Hey Now, HEY NOW NOW, along with special guests No Friends Of Harry and Ashton Nyte (The Awakening) and legendary DJ’s Barney Simon and Kim Saville rocked the huge crowd with all the classic hits from the dark side. There are only a few live music spots that can claim to have a history as vibrant and connected as Jozi’s late-great venues Le Club and Decodance. Think back to a time when mobile phones had yet to see the light of day … those were the days when music lovers flocked to downtown Joburg to gig with goths and mods of all shapes, sizes and persuasions. Guests can expect to hear classic modern rock, punk and some great indie music on the night. The 80’s was an interesting and vibrant time for SA’s alternative generation - the country was rocking through a recession, coming to grips with a long-fought for democracy, listening to Barney Simon on the Powerhaus and partying up a storm every Friday and Saturday night thanks to incredible live music. Le Club was a bustling music spot and who can forget those memorable sets from DJ’s... like the queen of Decodance, Kim Saville. The event on the 3rd October will once again celebrate an era and a reunion for music veterans, who can dust off their eight-up Docs and squeeze into stove-pipe jeans and party the night away to great, old music. Pure passion is what’s behind re-opening Le Club for another single night, one that’ll see the likes of éVoid, Petit Cheval and Wonderboom drummer, Danny de Wet performing ... as he fronts his gothic/alternative 80’s tribute show Hey Now, HEY NOW NOW. Danny will be joined by lead vocalists, Dave Beretta Owens of Lithium & N8tive fame, as well as the one-time Cavalier, Jay Wilton (who, as the musical director, also plays keyboards in this highly successful revue). The legendary HEY NOW HOUSE BAND boasts Quinton Lotter on drums & vocals, Justin Hart on thunderous bass, and a duel guitar tour de force featuring ultra slick axe-man Mark Kenyon and the irrepressible visual hooligan, Darren Drawbridge. Special guests include Stephan Venter and André Hurter from Silex (the Pretoria Goth band who carried on waving Ashton Nyte’s flag after he relocated to Transylvania, USA) and The South Shore Ramblers, an awesomely energetic “Celtic Alt-Punk” band, that are currently wowing punters on the festival circuit. Barney Simon will lead the deck onslaught with Kim Saville and Brent Lycett from Dark Noise. To top it all off, Kerry-Anne Allerston, host of The Hang Out on Mix 93.8 FM, will infuse some current musical currency into the night’s magical mix. 80’s Alternative Re-Union Special 2 will re-open for another night at The Barnyard Theatre in Rivonia on Saturday 3rd October 2015 - the show starts at 8pm and tickets cost R150.00