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Perfection Kills
PERFECTION KILLS is the follow-up to 2016’s critically acclaimed ‘Introvertigo’, which was voted #1 Blues Rock Album in the world by Blues Rock Review USA, and his ninth studio offering.
PERFECTION KILLS was recorded at Scherzo Productions, a recording studio in Dan’s home town of Pretoria, South Africa. Dan chose Scherzo because he wanted to make a different sound-ing record from his last two albums and he felt Scherzo supported his vision. All the songs on PERFECTION KILLS were recorded and engineered by Jaco Naudé at Scherzo Productions, mixed by Stefan Swart in South Africa and mastered by Pete Lyman at Infrasonic Mastering U.S.A.
DAN produced the album himself, something he hasn’t done in years. “I learnt so much working with Theo Crous, who was the producer on my previous two albums, ‘Dear Silence Thieves’ and ‘Introvertigo'. I worked on pre-production and songwriting with Theo on a couple of the tracks for ‘Perfection Kills’ and applied what I learnt to the recording and production process of the album.” says Dan.? “‘Perfection Kills’ is all about my vision of making a record that still makes the songwriting a priority as in the past; the ?nal product delivers a far more real and organic result.” ? What sets the new album apart from its predecessors is the honesty and live sound of the songs. DAN speci?cally recorded the 10 tracks to come across very close to what they will sound like when performing them live. PERFECTION KILLS is an album Dan has wanted to make for a few years now, setting out get the sound and production in his head across to listeners in a raw and charmingly rough way. DAN started writing songs and recording the new album in 2016. “I got together with the band once I had basic ideas and messed about with them in a rehearsal space for a week,” re-?ects Dan. “I went back, tweaked a few and then we were ready for the studio. The record-ing process was semi-live and took two weeks to complete.”
‘Perfection kills’ is a concept that Dan whole heartedly believes in: “In any art form perfection doesn’t exist because there is no yard stick to measure it by. The pursuit of perfection ends up doing far more harm to the art than good. This was the mindset we adhered to when we went into the recording studio, ‘Why try to be perfect?’”