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The Ultimate 70's Party
Nite Fever is a 70’s celebration, a decade that we will musically never forget. Some of the greatest music of our time comes from the Seventies featuring everything from Bee Gees, John Paul Young, The Village People, Rod Stewart, Boney M, Saturday Night Fever, The Grease & Rocky Horror soundtracks and many more.

We all remember those crazy platform shoes when mirror balls and disco music took the world by storm with songs like Jive Talking, Love is in the air, Can’t take my eyes off you, Stayin’ Alive, Freak Out and many more. There were also some epic ballads with You light up my life and You’re so vain and lets not forget the funky sounds of Stevie Wonder, The Jackson Five, Kool and The Gang & Showaddywaddy! Then there were also the sultry sounds of You light up my life and the uplifting Delta Dawn, Lean on me and Knocking on Heavens Door.

Yes, we are broadcasting from that vibey seventies club called Nite Fever and we are here to introduce the eccentric night club owner who goes by the name Leo. He is the crazy guy that started the club and the DJ who gets the party started!

Nite Fever is fronted by a dynamic 10 -piece cast including 5 vocalists and a rocking 5-piece band that will not only get you into the groove but get your body to move!

So come on and join the celebration with a party bash like you have never seen before! Freak Out and Go Grease Lightning Go, catch you at the YMCA or just groove along and keep Stayin’ Alive! You should be dancing so get down to Nite Fever and shake your Groove Thang!
A taste of a few of the rocking songs you can look forward to in Nite Fever:

You should be dancing
Love is in the air
You’re so vain
Can you feel it
Stayin' Alive
Jive Talking
Disco Inferno
Kung fu Fighting
Knocking on heavens door
Ma Baker
Greased Lightning
Hand Jive
You’re the one that I want
Freak out

Clinton Philander - Vocals
JP Moggee - Vocals
Marvin Nethononda - Vocals
Cassandra de Beer - Vocals
Candice du Plessis - Vocals
Colin Heaney - Drums
Mark Freel - Bass
Connie Friedman - Keys
Ralph Martin - Guitar
Colin Mairs - Sax

Cast members subject to change without notice
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  • Barnyard Suncoast
    05 Feb - 26 Mar
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    10 Feb - (Thu) - 19:00
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    18 Feb - (Fri) - 19:00
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    05 Mar - (Sat) - 19:00
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    06 Mar - (Sun) - 14:00
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    10 Mar - (Thu) - 19:00
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    11 Mar - (Fri) - 19:00
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    12 Mar - (Sat) - 19:00
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    18 Mar - (Fri) - 19:00
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    19 Mar - (Sat) - 19:00
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    20 Mar - (Sun) - 14:00
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    24 Mar - (Thu) - 19:00
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    25 Mar - (Fri) - 19:00
    Price: R195
    26 Mar - (Sat) - 19:00
    Price: R195