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Excellent entertainment for the whole family.
Manie Jackson, gold, triple gold and platinum status, is a popular top singer, writer and entertainer. He is very much in demand around the country and has a wide repertoire of music. His performance includes songs for young and old and people love to come and listen to this man with the golden voice. Currently he is one of the biggest sellers in South Africa.

Manie has appeared on various TV shows, i.e. DKNT, Jam, Jukebox, Noot vir Noot, Country Opskop, Musiek Roulette, Musiek is my Taal, Skouspel, Krone to name but a few.

He has received more than 80 awards to date including SAMA, Ghoema, Udo Jurgens Awards, ATKV, Melodie, and many more. He has released 10 albums to date which have been best sellers. He has performed extensively throughout South Africa, Namibia, and internationally as well.

Manie has firmly secured his Star Status in the S.A. music business, national festivals, clubs, pubs, churches, schools etc. His music is for young and old, and his passion comes through his presentation of the songs.

A Voice to be heard, from pure tenor to rich baritone.