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Tom Muller

Tom Muller

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Barnyard Shows
Bonfire Hearts
The Greatest Songwriters of all time
14 Jan - 06 Mar
Featuring music by Neil Diamond, Cat Stevens, Mumford & Sons, Shania Twain, Avicii, Leonard Cohen, John Denver, The Eagles and many more.
  • Rock Royalty
    Rock Stars who have rocked our world

    08 Mar - 17 Apr
    Get ready for an explosion of electric charge as we pay tribute to the androgynous–flamboyant and outrageous music legends of our time. Rock Royalty will give you a music experience as close to the real thing as possible!
  • Amadeus Rocks
    Where Classical and Rock Collide

    20 Apr - 29 May
    After the tremendous success of Roll Over Beethoven, The Barnyard Theatre presents Amadeus Rocks. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart comes back to life as a sexy, romantic, composer who has finally been given the chance to rock and roll.
  • Viva las Vegas
    Music Legends That Have Rocked Vegas!

    31 May - 10 Jul
    Viva Las Vegas is a tribute to the superstars who have rocked Las Vegas over the past 60 years and performed some of the greatest live shows in music history. Featuring a 10-piece cast of singers, dancers and musicians, Viva Las Vegas is a dazzling rock extravaganza paying tribute to the greatest music icons of our time.
  • Killer Queen
    Tribute to Freddie Mercury & Queen

    12 Jul - 28 Aug
    Queen is a famous British rock band known for their music style which combines hard rock, massed vocal harmonies and overdubbed guitar work, catchy pop melodies, surreal humour and flamboyant theatrical performances. Killer Queen is a tribute to this outrageously brilliant rock group and features a 10-piece cast who capture all these elements and more!
  • 90s Mania
    The Total 90s Party

    30 Aug - 09 Oct
    The nineties will always be remembered as the last great decade in music history. 90s Mania is a celebration of this cool decade filled with a variety of pop, rock, alternative, old school and a collection of one-hit wonders!
More shows
  • Elvis Blue (Musiekskuur)
    Elvis Blue

    11 Feb - 12 Feb
    Elvis is a rare breed in his ability to straddle both English and Afrikaans Music Genres with ease and relevance. (Show in our intimate new "Musiekskuur" Theatre @ Pretoria-Barnyard)
  • Radio Raps (No U18) (Barnyard Theatre)
    Lekker boys!

    13 Feb, 20 Feb, 27 Feb
    Lekker boys! Sê-goed soos "Da vat hy", "Okeey" en "Olraait" is nou algemeen onder Suid-Afrikaners wat nie onder ‘n klip geleef het die afgelope jaar + nie. Dit is alles te danke aan die internet kanaal, Radio Raps en ‘n karakter met die naam, Jonathan, vanaf die Oos-Rand. Te danke aan ‘n klein webtuiste genaamd Youtube, is Jonathan nou dié ou by elke byeenkoms, partytjie en geleentheid! Radio Raps se oorspronklike materiaal van Jonathan op Youtube steek al by die 3 miljoen kyke verby. Sy l
  • Die Klagliedere van Ds Tienie Benadie (Musiekskuur)
    Met die gewilde akteur Frank Opperman

    18 Feb
    Tienie Benade is ’n middeljarige predikant van ’n sukkelende Afrikaanse gemeente. Die gemeente se lidmaatgetalle kwyn, die skuldlas groei en die gemeentelede wat steeds tot die kerk behoort, is onseker hoe om sinvol in ’n moderne wêreld te bly glo. Dis ’n storie van verdriet, maar ook ’n storie van die hoop wat nie beskaam nie. (Vertoning in ons intieme nuwe Musiekskuur-teater @ Pretoria-Barnyard)
  • Dozi (Musiekskuur)
    Hande Vol Genade

    20 Feb
    Met sy agtiende album, getiteld Hande vol Genade , keer Dozi terug na sy wortels. Dit is ‘n gestroopte Afrikaanse album wat skitter van die akoestiese sjarme en ‘n rou eerlikheid wat die fokus opnuut op Dozi se meesleurende stem plaas. (Vertoning in ons intieme nuwe Musiekskuur-teater @ Pretoria-Barnyard)
  • Jannie Moolman and Corlea (Barnyard Theatre)
    Jannie Moolman en Corlea: Pragkombinasie

    21 Feb
    Die Afrikaanse musiekbedryf beskik oor werêldklassangers, iets wat weer eens bewys word deur Jannie Moolman en Corlea se jongste album Alle paaie lei na Rome.
  • Anna Davel (Musiekskuur)
    This is a Jazz Up!

    21 Feb
    This is a Jazz Up! New jazz arrangements of music from the previous century; Swing Standards, Latino Rhymes , a hint of Blues; ‘A Nightingale sang in Berkeley square’, ‘The way you look tonight’, ‘At last’, ‘How sweet it is to be loved by you’, ‘Gypsy in my soul’, ‘Feeling good’, Cheek to cheek’ and ‘I can cook too’. Anna has released 2 jazz albums of which the most recent one, “Linger Longer”, was nominated for a SAMA award for Best Jazz album. With her on stage is Luke van der Merwe (
  • Mark Haze (Musieksuur)
    Singer/songwriter, performing original rock, soul and blues material

    27 Feb
    Mark Haze is a South African singer/songwriter, performing original rock, soul and blues material. Known for his wide vocal range, Mark’s signature sound of high energy Rock ‘n Roll is guaranteed to have audiences on their feet. His influences range from classic rock legends like Queen, Led Zeppelin, and The Beatles to blues masters, Eric Clapton, B.B. King, and Muddy Waters, all the way through to modern rock artists such as My Chemical Romance, The Used and Halestorm.
  • Tribute CCR (Musiekskuur)
    A Tribute to CCR with Clint Cunningham

    31 Mar - 03 Apr
    Clint Cunningham, the big voice and personality behind the well known band Clint & Co, presents his acclaimed tribute to Creedence Clearwater Revival at the Musiekskuur.
  • Firmament met Chris Chameleon (Musiekskuur)
    12 Splinternuwe Liede

    08 Apr
    Chris Chameleon se nuwe solo album vrystelling word gevier met hierdie gelyknamige produksie. 12 Splinternuwe liede en die verhale daaragter word gekruie met sy gevoelige spitsvondigheid, eerlike vertolkings en lyfgrappies om gehore te lei na 'n wêreld van droom, wonder en lag.
  • Jak de Priester (Musiekskuur)
    Jak de Priester

    23 Apr
    Jak is ook al genoem die 'Brooklyn Poet' omdat sy lirieke bekende landmerke bevat soos die Groenkloof Spar en die Brooklyn Mall. Hy is ook bekend vir sy lirieke van sy musiek omrede dit gaan oor gebeurtenisse waarmee meeste mense hulself mee kan vereenselwig. (Vertoning in ons intieme nuwe Musiekskuur-teater @ Pretoria-Barnyard)
  • The Great Gruff Voices with Clint Cunnigham and Ghapi (Musiekskuur)
    The Great Gruff Voices!

    12 May - 15 May
    Clint Cunningham, front man of Rock powerhouse Clint & Co teams up with the extraordinary singing drummer Ghapi for this tribute to "THE GREAT GRUFF VOICES!" This show highlights the talents of the really big voices through out rock/pop history. From Bruce Springsteen to Bryan Adams, Def Leppard to Guns & Roses, Bon Jovi to Bono and John Fogerty to Bob Seger! Clint & Ghapi's fabulous and humorous chemistry on stage, combined with their musical talents, ensures an evening of hilarity and inspir
  • Nie as ek kan sing nie - Laurika Rauch
    Kontemporêre Musiek

    17 Jun - 19 Jun
    Met: Laurika Rauch, Devereaux van der Hoven-Oosthuizen (pianis), Juan Oosthuizen (kitaar) en Vernette Rautenbach Wessels (agtergrondsanger)
  • Jennifer Zumudio (Musiekskuur)
    Jennifer is sinoniem met styl, harde werk, sukses en energie.

    06 Aug
    Jennifer Zamudio vier met trots hierdie jaar haar 15 jaar in die Afrikaanse musiekbedryf. Om vir 15 jaar in die bedryf nogsteeds ‘n suksesvolle loopbaan te geniet is opsigself ‘n groot prestasie. Jennifer is sinoniem met styl, harde werk, sukses en energie. (Vertoning in ons intieme nuwe Musiekskuur-teater @ Pretoria-Barnyard)

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